With a three person crew, Lorena directed, produced, and edited this music video visualizer for singer Cecilia Peña-Govea, also known as "La Doña", in San Francisco, CA. Over an 8-hour day, she documented the process of Lauren D'Amato, "Spooky Orbison", customizing and hand painting Cecilia's 1965 Impala later showcased in San Francisco's MoMA. Lorena then edited and color graded the visualizer which garnered over 16,000 views on YouTube


Director/Producer/Editor - Lorena Cortez
Camera Op 1 - Javier Mendoza
Camera Op 2 - Derek Holguin

Talent - Cecilia Peña Govea "La Doña"
Talent - Lauren D'amato "Spooky Orbison"

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